Baseball Pitching – The Release Point and Follow Through

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Baseball instructor Mike Binns demonstrates the pitching release point and follow through.

    I am Mike Binns from the Virginia Baseball Club, lead pitching instructor. I am going to talk to you about step five, which is our Release Point and our Follow Through. We talked about step one being our Rocker Step, step two Pivot, step three Balance, step four Power Position, and now we are going to talk about our Release Point first. You will see a lot of pitchers when they release the ball, release the ball back here or here, and they miss high a lot. We are going to make sure when we get our Release Point that we get that Release Point out in front. Next thing we want to do with our Follow Through is when we come through we want to make sure we bring our back leg through with us, and use our legs with us. We want to make sure if are not bringing that back leg through, we are losing a lot of power, we are leaving a lot of power back here. So, we want to make sure we use that rubber, push of that rubber, and bring that back leg through. Last thing we are looking for in our Follow Through is that front side. A lot of people open up that front side, we want to make sure when we come through, we are going tuck that glove, think about taking that elbow right into our pocket. So, when we come through, we want to tuck that glove and that puts us in a great fielding position right here for any ground ball, line drive, hit right back to us. That right there are our five pitching steps.