Basic Bowling – Release and Follow Through

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Storm Bowling expert Randy Pedersen demonstrates proper bowling release and follow through.

    Randy Peterson: Hi folks! Randy Peterson with Storm Bowling Products and Roto Grip. Today, we're talking about release and follow-through. I'm going to give you my take on the proper bowling release.

    The release that I see everyday on the Professional Bowlers Tour; think about the bowling ball is being a round object with a straight line going down the middle. That straight line would represent the equator. What I want you to work on is getting your hand to the inside part of that equator.

    At the bottom of the swing, when it comes time to let go, thumb comes out first and the hand rotates just to the other side of that equator. It's almost just a quarter turn. A lot of times, I say, people, over-rotating, overturning and all it does is make the ball spin. What we're trying to do is create roll and turn. The best way to do that is start from the inside part of the bowling ball.

    Hey! Let's talk a little bit now about follow-throughs. Now, back when I was growing up learning to bowl, where everybody taught that big, long high follow-through, well, that was great if you wanted to throw the ball really straight. Well, in today's modern game, you're not going to see that kind of follow-through. In fact, most of the professionals that I watch have a very short, a very abbreviated follow-through. All this along with the equipment that we're using today creates a lot of power.

    Well, there you have, we've given you a lot of information. We learned how to choose the correct approach based on the type of bowler, whether we were beginner, a league bowler or a tournament bowler. We also learned the difference between four and five step approach. We learned about timing, fundamentals, a great tip and getting the bowling bowl and the feet to start together. We even demonstrated the correct setup position, stance, push away, and we even learned how to create a pendulum swing. We talked about release and follow-through. We learned how to make the ball go straight and make the ball curve when we want it to.

    I'm Randy Peterson. Thanks for tuning in, and remember, bowl up the Storm. See you next time!