Basic Bowling Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video series, Storm Bowling expert Randy Pedersen demonstrates some basic bowling techniques that will have you throwing strikes.

    Randy Peterson: Hi, everyone! I am Randy Peterson along with Storm Bowling Products and Roto Grip. We are here today to talk about some basic bowling techniques. Let me just tell you, I was a 13 time titlist on the PBA Tour, and I am going to give you some great tips today to help you be a winner. Here is what we'll be covering in today's video series. How about choosing the correct approach for the type of bowler you are. Whether you are a beginner, a league bowler or a tournament bowler, we have got the right approach for you. We are going to talk about a four and five step approach. We are going to explain to you about timing and how it works. We'll talk about some fundamentals and tips. We are going to do a demonstration on the correct setup position, stance, push away, arms swing and how to develop pendulum swing.

    We are even going to talk to you about the release and the follow through. We'll explain lift, a straight ball release and a hook release. All of this in much more so stay tuned. Hey! Let's talk about some of the things that you got to do before you get out on the lanes and start throwing a lot of strikes. I mean, we have talked about the accessories, make sure you've got your bowling tape, make sure you've got your towel, make sure you've got rosin or powder if you use that on your thumb.

    The other thing that, I think is a big deal, is you want to make sure that your slide shoe is going to match up with the approach that you are bowling on. In other words, you want to make sure that you get out there and you test the approaches to see if they are real slippery or real tacky. After that, do some stretching. Work those hamstrings out, work the quads. Get some shoulder stretches going, get that wrist limbered up. Now you are ready to go out there and throw a lot of strikes. Hey, everyone! Randy Peterson. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 13 time titlist on PBA Tour and recently, I was voted the 35th greatest player of all times. And I have been fortunate enough to be with the Storm Bowling Company for many, many years now. Storm has been the number bowling bowl on the Professional Tour for quite some time. So, let's get started with some basic bowling techniques to help you throw more strikes.