Basic Boxing Drills – The Slip

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    TJ, from Team Ruthless Boxing, demonstrates how to do the basic boxing drill the slip.

    Dino: Alright, next thing you can do is work a little defense and a little counter punching and to show that we are going to do real basic drill. He is going to throw his 1-2-3 combination, 1-2-3 and after he throws a 3, I am going to come across with a right hook. He is going to slip it and lay into my body with a left hook. Right here he is going to throw that, so slow motion, 1-2-3, slip, bang. Now, put a little speed to it, ready? Good, again, again, alright. Now, another slip in movement we can do is the double slip, so he is going to throw the 1-2-3, boom, boom, boom, slip, slip straight right hand, there you go. So, what that does is get the boxer used to moving, gets them used to reacting to punches, gets them teaches him that, when he slips a punch to put himself in a good strong position to throw a counter punch. So, he is going to throw 1-2-3, want to do a double slip, then he is going to do a straight right hand and a left hook, finish it off with a left hook, always, always, always.

    Anything you throw with your straight right hand, follow it up with a left hook, guaranteed nine times out of ten you will hit somebody. Alright, here we go, slow motion, 1-2-3, slip, slip, boom, boom, alright. Again, 1-2-3, slip, slip, boom, boom, alright. Here we go, little speed to it, slip, slip, boom, boom, again, 1-2-3, slip, slip, boom, boom. Again, 1-2-3, slip, slip, boom, boom. Alright, there you have it, now you can add a little dimension of slipping punches, getting them used to getting out of the way of punches, very simple stuff.