Basic Judo – Arm Lock

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Judo Master Maurice Allan demonstrates some of the basic judo techniques including an arm lock.

    Maurice Allan: Hi, my name is Maurice Allan , I am 7th degree black-belt at judo. I am doing the basic judo and what I am going to show you now is basic armlocks and how do they work.

    Basically, there are two types of armlocks, there is a Bent one and a Straight one, Okay! But the principle is same, where the pressure needs to go is above the joint. If Steve's arms like that, I can press on thee, it's not going to be an armlock. If its there like that, I can press on thee, its not going to be an armlock. When I put my hand under and create a space here above the joint and press down, now that becomes an armlock.

    Now some people are lot more lumber than others and some people who have got really flexible joints. So you have to play around that, its also always your arm is above his joint, there is your armlock there. If thats not working, turn his hand up the way, thats not working, pull end, turn it down and there is your armlock. That can be fair for a reverse position as well, if Steve reverses his hand, I do the exact same thing, my hand goes, there is his elbow and there is his shoulder, my hand goes here and pull end, there is armlock.

    Now, if I'm in a Bent armlock, I just straightened his hand out, that is Straight Arm lock. You will notice, the lock is right above his elbow, there and there, thats a Straight armlock. As this arm locking is different from this, the angle is different but the pressure is the same, the pressure is there. Now, I'm going to step over him, here, right. The only difference between that one and the one that originally is, here is a block, don't have to do that, there is a block, thumb up, hips up, palm up towards the little finger. That's how you get the pressure on the joint, okay.

    , This is the easy one, thumb up, hips up. Then what is most important thing with Straight Armbar is if I am sitting here, its not going to work, I have to get above the joint, in here, like that. That's the exact Straight Armlock. If I want to do a Straight armlock, you can come in here, same armlock.

    So, if he grabs you from the back, here, press down, there is your armlock, its all the same armlock. Guys when they stab you in the middle of your head, then, same armlock. Always the pressure of the armlock is there, that direction or that direction. Always the pressure goes above the elbow. In our next segment of basic judo, what we are going to do is we are going to take the armlocks we have just done and what I wanted to show you is its transition, if you throw someone down or knock someone down and you don't score at that point, you want to try and maximize that and in fall over him with an armlock.