Basic Judo – Chokes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Judo Master Maurice Allan demonstrates some of the basic judo techniques including chokes.

    Maurice Allan: Hi, my name is Maurice Allan, I am a 7th degree Black Belt at judo. We are doing basic judo here and what we are going to show you a couple of chokes. The quest on chokes, when we are done 13 and old, hold on upwards. What you are going to do here? this is not a bad way to start, okay. You can either put your hand under here or you can hold here. The reason when you do this is a good idea to be able to pull the collar down because if its up and slack and you grab here, there is not a lot to play. So get in here, grab an end, hand in and straight you can get him. Alright, then put the hand underneath, grip, there is your choke. You will know where Steve is tapped. As soon as you are using the choke in there and in a contest you are going to be fighting a little bit harder. Okay, but ultimately that gets too painful or too distressful, tap. And in the club, when you are practicing, you are probably going to hold on a little bit longer. The big idea is as soon as you as start to feel it, you know, you don't feel good about it, just tap, the best is that you go that way.

    Okay, so thats one, under here, collar, pull down, slide your hand up tight, the reason you get this in tight is like I said before, you don't want too much lock here. And tight and there and either a crush here like that or you can even do there, thats one, okay. If you are in here and you can't get your hand across to his collar because he maybe is pulling that way or something, like that, get this hand up, there is a choke again. Done, so there, you are under here, you try to get that, you cannot get it, bring your hand up and use the back of your hand, don't use the front of your hand, use the back of your hand to push his head forward like that, there, there, like that.

    Now, you can also do a choke called Hadakajime, you need to be very careful with this because this, most of the chokes go that direction like a V having the pressure on his neck and what this does, it cuts the blood supply to the brain, okay, sounds bad but it's not kokay. And what happen is, that you will feel little bit dizzy and end of tap and thats end of the contest, okay.

    Now, when you are here, you put your had in here, you can bring your hand like this and lead it like an L shape and bring in that way. This, you call Hadakajime but you got to be very careful with this because this is pressing against the Adam's apple so be very careful with this, its more of like a pain compliance than anything else. Okay, so if you hold him like this, be very, very careful. In fact, with kids, I would hesitate to allow them to use that, I would always use this direction here, there, there, there or what you can do is you can grip your own collar, bring your hand behind the head and choke like that. Okay, so what you are doing is you are gripping your own collar, bring your hand behind. Like I said, this could be done from all different angles, some of these chokes when you are done, for people who are competitors and the passion is to defend him, and his mind and his front and his tummy, if I get my hands in here, grip the collar, my hand comes in here like this and I have got like this and what I am going to do is, I am going to roll him, here, entangle him with the choke. Other basic chokes are, you can have your hands in here like that, thumbs out like that, one hand in, one hand out, under grip. One hand over, one hand under, same pressure. Two hands over or here through, there are many different ways you can choke somebody, okay, so you got a collar, you can choke him.

    Alright coming up in the next segment we are going to show you how to fall, thats very important that you know how to fall so you don't get hurt.