Basic Judo – Falling

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Judo Master Maurice Allan demonstrates some of the basic judo techniques including falling.

    Maurice Allan: Hi, my name is Maurice Allan, I am a 7th degree Black Belt at judo. I just going to show you basic falls, how to introduce yourself to falling. It's very important that you fall correct so you don't get hurt. So what Steve is going to do is in his back here, and he is going to slap the ground, just get in the habit of slapping the ground. Palm of his hands. You will notice the angle that is coming away. He is not bringing his hands over up here where he would stretch his shoulders. His hands are at this angle here from his body. Okay.

    So you do a few of them, and then come up to your squat position. Then he is going to do the exact same thing. One more time. You will notice he is not putting his hands backwards. He is rolling, he is standing, his bottom is set forth, then his back, and then he is slapping. Okay. So now he is going to come to his feet, and he is going to do the exact same thing, just squat down like that. One more time please Steve. Now, we can do it to the side, rolling to your side, one side, other side. Then he is going to do the exact same thing again from a standing position. He is going to bring his leg across his body, rolling down his leg, and slapping. Then you would do that to both sides. Now, Steve is going to demonstrate a throw to the front. Just basically a forward roll, okay, but what you don't do, you don't ever, ever go straight over to where you are going to put any strain on your neck, like that, don't do that. Always look away, so you come over the angle of the shoulder and ear, that's where you go on the ground. Show again Steve, there. Now, when he comes over fully, he is going to slap the ground with his free hand. Go back again please Steve. Slowly across that plane, keep rolling, slaps. From this other angle. For one side to the other. Show me again. So now Steve is going to come up and he is going to start do a forward roll. The objective is you never want to be like clunking down, because it needs to be quite a fluid movement, and what he is going to do now is, he is going to go on one knee and he is going to come down and he is just going to bring himself up on to one knee and just roll forward, like that. One more time Steve. Good. Now, bend his feet. You will notice he is just rolling down his arm. When he pushes his hand out, he is just rolling down, that will save his arm. Now, if you want to introduce another element to this, you can also use a ball, especially because this is really kind of fun. Steve will show you how to do that. All you are doing is going over, and he is going over this plane here. Always turn your head away, and back again. Roll over and slap. Good. Now, we can also do it where if the guy is on his knees, just to get into the habit of slapping, you can be here and you can sit beside him and get the coach or one of his partners to bring his arm across like this, and just rolling down the length of the arm. Bring him back, roll him over, bring him back.

    Now, you notice he is pretty familiar with that, and this is pretty automatic. Then you can do throws. Now, if I just came out and threw Stevie like this, that might be quite dramatic. So what we want to do is, when you are first learning the throw like Tai Otoshi, what you can do is you can come in for the throw and as I have step across, Stevie steps out. Then I move forward on his knees and just roll him over. I get the idea of doing the technique and he gets the idea of stepping out and just rolling if he was comfortable with it. Also, you could do this with one arm shoulder throw. Rather than me come in and throw Stevie from here, what I can do is I can come in, I can kneel down to him, like his outside, kneel down, right hand, roll over. Now it's a big distance.