Basic Judo – Ground Holds

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Judo Master Maurice Allan demonstrates some of the basic judo techniques including ground holds.

    Maurice Allan: Hi, my name is Maurice Allan. I am 7th degree Black Belt at Judo and now, I am going to show you basic holds on the ground, that you can score points from. So, Steve. I've my partner lying here, anything you are holding someone down you want pressure here, okay. So, hand behind his head, leg straight out, sit through. I have got my back ribs against his chest, I am controlling his hand, I am controlling his arms. This is a scoring position. What will nullify this is if he crossed his legs over mine, if he crossed his legs over mine that would nullify the whole. I will have to get out again. Soalways be conscious if he is be trying to do that or try turn you over but the bottom-line is, here nice base, controlling his head, controlling his arm. This is called Kesa Gatame. Now, when you practice this as this hand over put it on your chin, move your hand, push it over and come up to tripod position, knee in, head down, join your hands. This is called Kata Gatame. This leg here can be here or it can be here as long as you are down with pressure in a triangle, Kata Gatame. Now, from here bring your left leg in to meet your right leg, and try to move position and tight, this is called Tate-Shiho-Gatame. There is a point here hold your hands like that, if you hold your hands like that to hold them, its now quickly released. If you hold your hands like that, that's okay, if you are well clear with the floor because if you are like that or like that and he and you rolls over you, you can hurt your knuckles. This is tightened grip also its a quick release. Now, I just demonstrate that here right now. Here probably Steve will turn to the right, no quick release and the grip is being uniform, come right back and hold him tight. Now quick release and tight. Now I am going to come off from Tate-Shiho-Gatame and give Mune Gatame. This is Mune Gatame. Now your moors are pulled in to was me. When you are doing ground work so its a good idea, don't chase the person, pull him in towards you. The tighter you can get him, the better and everybody has got that shape where your ribs are, your hands can slide right underneath your ribs keeps your position tight. So that is Mune Gatame. Now, I wanted to give you Yoko-Shiho-Gatame and all I would do is transfer my hand to here, to my hand down here and get behind his legs, see his pants, Yoko-Shiho-Gatame. Now I'm going to come back to Mune-Gatame. Then I move my hand a round 'O' shape his arms and hooks to his belt, then we come to the top of his head and then pick him up from my left hand just beneath his right hand . This is called Kami-Shiho-Gatame.

    Anyone of these holds, as you hold him for 25 seconds on the ground, will give you a net point. That's end of the match. When you are practicing, it's a good idea to move around so you all see if I help him move around on the ground, so that if he is struggling, you can constantly be adjusting. If you've got any of these positions in a tournament and I was the coach I would be saying don't move, stay right where you are for 25 seconds, that's the end of the match. But if its a practice, practice moving around people just like that.

    In the next segment we have covered some basic ground work, we have covered some basic throws. Now, what we are going to do is if you see someone throwing and they don't score a full upon but they knock the person down, you can follow into ground work and try to secure you upon by an additional score on the ground.