Basic Judo – Throws into Arm Locks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Judo Master Maurice Allan demonstrates some of the basic judo techniques including throws into an arm lock.

    Maurice Allan: My name is Maurice Allan. I am a 7th degree Black Belt at judo. This is my partner Steve Bell and he is a 2nd degree Black Belt at judo. What we are going to do now is, we are going to do one of the throws, the basic throw is Tai-otoshi, forward body drop into Juji Gatame. It may be a little bit fancy and Juji Gatame is one of the best armlock. We will see how it goes.

    Now, that may or may not be an ippon, depends on the referee. I'm surprising you out, so referees are always right. So now what we are going to do as we try to maximize this, I have thrown him, I can't assume the referee is going to see ippon, his arms here, i'm going to catch his arm out and sit back, bring his hand up like a Straight Armbar. They have also got options with the Bent Armbar as well. When I throw him, it ends up like this. My other option is coming through this way, I can step over here and do the Juji Gatame or I can grab through here and switch through to the Bent Armlock. If he catches his belt, I can switch back to the Straight Armbar again. Alright, so the more you practice both of them, the more options you have.

    Coming down to the next clip in basic judo, we are going to show you a couple of chokes.