Basic Judo – Throws to the Rear

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Judo Master Maurice Allan demonstrates some of the basic judo techniques including throws to the rear.

    Maurice Allan: Hi, my name is Maurice Allan. I am 7th degree Black Belt at Judo. I have gone over the basics of judo and now what we are going to do is we are going to cover throws to the rear, couple of throws more popular ones, an Osoto Gari and Ouchi Gari. First Osoto Gari. Go back to your square again, now because this is how you are always going to throw but this is a good reminder to get a basic stands. The basic stands collar on his sleeve, step to your three feet in a line, step here and put the weight on this leg. This is the way the leg will attack it. So, I will step here bring my leg through and sweep. Osoto Gari, I'll show you form a different angle. Here, stand in the square, step forward to a three feet in a line, weight on the leg I am attacking will go over the shoulder, bring your leg through, point your toe, Osoto Gari.

    The Second one is Ouchi Gari. First one was a outside stroke this time it's an inside stroke. I will show you from this angle, step forward and between his legs here, bring your leg in and you hook your leg. Now, I'm putting the weight on this leg this time, this is the leg that I am attacking so I'll put the weight on this leg. Here, one, two and same stroke. Put your weight on the leg you are attacking, for an outside stroke, Osoto Gari weight goes on here, inside stroke here, weight goes here. This is a normal grip, stand in a square again instead of coming across here in Osoto Gari or Ouchi Gari or any other hip throws or the one this I taught to trip. Now what we are trying to do? We are trying to do something a little bit different, we are going to cross grip. Here, put his hand over, this exposes this side of his body. I am now going to step in to and grip him as far better as I can grip, step in, down, kick him over. Finish off with him.

    And next time we are going to do with basic ground holds.