Basic Judo – Trips and Throws to the Front

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Judo Master Maurice Allan demonstrates some of the basic judo techniques including trips and throws to the front.

    Maurice Allan: Hi, my name is Maurice Allan, I'm 7th degree Black Belt at Judo. He is my partner Steve Bell and he is a 2nd degree Black Belt. And what we are going to do is just show you some basic throws, basic movements, alright!

    A typical grip, when you grip a Judogi and that is what it is called, the uniform, a kit, a Gi, Judogi, this will be very handy in grip, the collar, sleeve, and Steve you will hold me in the same position. This is if you come running and you are going to throw off someone over your right side. So if I am going to throw Steve with a one arm shoulder throw, the best way to do this initially is stand in a square where your legs are in a square and take my right foot to his right foot. Undertook his arm, don't I come up on to your shoulder, you loose control there, catch you here like this, pull him tight, swing your leg back so you are just standing in front of him and then, imagine you are squatting, just squat. Turn your hips to bring him forward. That is a one arm-shoulder throw.

    When you step over for one arm-shoulder throw, one 'catch', swing your leg in, just check him and make sure that your feet are just within his. And when you squat down, squat like you are waving your back. Do not go like that instead of pushing back.

    One, underhook; two, a squat, turn your hips to slightly lean forward, bring him over. So its one arm-shoulder throw---Now the throw with basically the same movement. I am holding him by collar, hold him by sleeves, alright! Step across same way, head lock, and straight, same movement. This is just as easy as be it-- this. Depth, hips --- 'Hip Throw'.

    Same movement again. Stepping across and I put my hand instead of putting my hand here for ippon seoi nage, instead I put my hand here for crossing guruma. I put my hand here for care crossing his back, step in the same way, depth, hips, there he comes up--- . O Goshi, O means big, big throw. Right!

    So, this game you can go on with this. You can bring your hands in here, you can use two sleeves, same movement. Sorry, sorry! come here back.

    Now what we are going to do is, we are going to do the basic attack. How you are going to do it?

    You are going to step forward like this. Instead of stepping your foot across here like you did for a hip throw, you are going to step here like a shallow triangle. You are going to pull him forward here, and as this leg comes back, you are pulling him with this hand across your body, there. Then, I am stepping over and tripping him over my leg. One more time--- . Stand in a square, no more grip, collar no sleeve, step forward, shallow triangle, start to pull him forward and as his leg comes back, bring this hand across your body. So that you are now in this position, here we get straining your shoulder. This hand here is got to be tight. And always if you come across you in your foot step like that, put your foot down to get your feet balanced, hold your feet down, hold your shallow square This hand is pulling towards my left hip, this hand is driving down. That is forward body drop.

    Coming up in the next segment are the two more popular throws, throws to the rear or Osoto Gari and Ouchi Gari.