Basic Mother’s Day Flower Design Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Brad Parker provides flower design tips for mother’s day.

    Brad Parker: Hi! I am Brad Parker with MyFlorist. We have been talking about flowers on Mother's Day. In this particular clip, we are going to talk about some basic design tips that will help you, if you choose to design your own flowers for this holiday. It starts with having quality flowers that are properly hydrated. This is of critical importance. They will be easier to work with and you will get much better results. So make sure that you have that first. Then when you go to design flowers, it's much like painting in the fine arts. You have many things that you can work with. There are almost unlimited ways that you can design. With that said, it's helpful to break things down somewhat. I think that what's most helpful if you think first in terms of colors, flowers come in a whole ray of colors. You have your bright and vivid colors, you have your subtle tones. So think what you want to do with color, first of all. Secondly, you want to think about textures. Flowers also have beautiful textures which also lend themselves to design. Next, you want to think about shapes. Flowers come in a tremendous variety of shapes. You want to think about that in incorporating such into your designs. Then as you go to design, one thing you want to do is think about having a focal point in your design and then work from that to create both balance and movement in your design. In doing such, you have something that stimulates the eye, the senses and creates interest. In fact, it can create a whole drama or symphony. What we are going to do is just show you a little bit of what is possible. So by taking a variety of flowers, of different colors, of different shapes and of different textures, you can make something that is truly dramatic and interesting. Well, if you will, its like a symphony. You would have to agree, I would think, you see all that in this arrangement. I will also add that, with these same flowers you could do an entirely different design. The bottom line, it's infinite what you can do with design. You yourself will have your own unique way of designing with flowers. In the end, you have to experiment and it takes time to develop the skill. Hopefully, my sharing with you these basic design tips and the possibilities has been helpful to you in your next floral design project. Perhaps, it even help launch you to becoming a master floral designer. In our next segment, we are going to discuss what are typical or appropriate or traditional Mother's Day designs.