Basic Relaxation Techniques – How to do One Breath Relaxation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Allison Abizaid with Health Forward Wellness Center demonstrates how to do one breath relaxation.

    This is Allison Abizaid, again with Health Forward Wellness Center, and what we are going to demonstrate next is a calming relaxation exercise, which is also known as a One-Breath Relaxation. So, a calming breath relaxation or a one-breath relaxation are basically the same. You would use this type of relaxation technique if you had a panic attack, if you were hypoventilating, if you had a lot of anxiety, this can be very effective. Basically, what we do is again, you can -- the best way of doing this is when you are lying down. You can be doing this when you are sitting; you can also be doing this if you are walking down the street, or if you are in a social situation.

    If you have some type of phobia thats bringing some kind of anxiety, just do this one-breath relaxation, and it will collect you back, and you will get control back of the environment situation that you are in. Since Katie (ph) is already lying down, we are going to go ahead and have her demonstrate that one-breath relaxation or the calming breath relaxation. So, once again because Katie (ph) is lying down, I am going to have her close her eyes, you could do this with your eyes open if you wanted to. We are just going to go ahead and take one deep breath in through your nose, just take a deep breath in, and you are going to hold it, just hold it, hold it, hold it and during that time that you are holding the breath, youre going to hold it for 30 seconds here, but during the time that you are holding that breath, collect yourself and say, where am I, what do I need to do, how can I get myself back in control. This is what I am doing by taking that breath. It gives you that little piece of time-out. Now, go ahead and breathe out, and I want you to breathe out through your mouth, let me hear your breath. There you go, good, and what that does is in holding the breath, you are able to pause, you take that time out, your body is collecting itself that stress response that your body goes through, its saying, hey I am collecting myself, I have got this timeout, I am back in control. Now, when I breathe out, I will be able to relax and you will feel that wave of relaxation just passed throughout your entire body. Lets try that again, Katie (ph) you did that really well. Take a deep breathe in, good, hold it there, hold it there, and now she is thinking, I am nervous, I am going to go into a social situation, I am going to a party, I dont know anybody there, I have got to give a presentation, I have to have a difficult conversation with my kids, with my partner whomever, I dont know how to do this. Collect yourself and breathe out. Let me hear that breath, and you will feel the calm spread out through entire body. Thats your one-breath relaxation.