Basic Relaxation Techniques – How to Start Relaxing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Allison Abizaid with Health Forward Wellness Center discusses how to start relaxing.

    Hi. This is Allison Abizaid with Health Forward Wellness Center, and what we are going to go over right now is just how to start getting set up for your first relaxation session. So, Katie (ph), if I could just ask you please, just to lie down on the bed. Katie (ph): Okay. Now, there are various different forms of relaxation. This, right now, what Katie (ph) is lying down on is called a migun bed, which is a massage bed, which also addresses acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, little bit of chiropractic traction, and there are rollers that go up and down her spine that actually stimulate the central nervous system as well as hits all of the acupressure points, which over a period of time will offer her release in pain, and stress, and will have her come out with a sense of wellbeing. But since most of you at home dont have this, there are other forms, other ways that you can also get relaxation; thats going to massage therapist, going getting your own acupressure, doing some Reiki massage. Some people may like doing a little bit acupuncture, these are all holistic measures of achieving wellbeing in ones life, and also helps reduce pain, stress and anxiety. But for most of us, we all have a bed or a couch to lay down on. So, I have asked you to lie down on the bed, so just go ahead and lie down on the couch, and the first thing you want to do is, get yourself into a comfortable position. Its always great to have your hands down by your side, make sure you have a pillow underneath your head, and you are completely relaxed in a prone position. The next thing you are going to want to do is just close your eyes slightly, make sure you dont have anything in your mouth, so take out any gum or anything that you might have in your mouth, because you will probably end up falling asleep, and all you want to do is just relax, closing your eyes and just start breathing slightly in and just slightly, just for a few moments, just to relax. Alright, and this is just the basic position in starting a relaxation technique.