Basic Rock Climbing Skills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rock climbing expert Crystal Norman demonstrates basic rock climbing skills.

    Crystal Norman: Hi, my name is Crystal Norman; I am with Earth Treks Climbing Centers, here in Rockville, Maryland. Today I am going to be showing you how to rock climb, and first we are going to go over some basic climbing technique with Meridian. Before we do that, we are going to do some important safety check. Meridian is going to check my carabiner to make sure it's locked, and check the rope to make sure it's loaded properly. I am also going to check her knots, to make sure she has a solid figure 8 knot, and a backup knot. We also want to make sure that we both have our harnesses on properly, and if they are doubled back. We are ready. Meridian: On the legs.

    Crystal Norman: Legs on.

    Meridian: Climbing.

    Crystal Norman: Climb on. Meridian is going to start with both hands on the start hold, and as she climbs, you are going to notice that she is going to shift her weight over her feet to get herself in the right position to move up the wall. You will also notice that she leads with her feet, rather than reach every time. She is going to place her feet first, and then shift her weight over on her feet to stand up. She will be following the blue knot all the way up. You will notice that as she climbs, she places her hands and her feet very specifically. She will keep her hips into the wall, and when she needs to, she will high step, or smear against the wall with no footholds.

    When she gets to the top of the wall, she will grab the larger hold at the very top, marked with double blue tape, and match the hold. Then she will say, take, lowering. As Meridian lowers, she is going to keep her feet against the wall, and slightly kicking out. Meridian: Off the legs.

    Crystal Norman: Raise off. That was the basic rock climbing skills, and now we are going to go over smearing and twist lock.