Basic Skimboarding Tricks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skimboarding Expert Morgan Just demonstrates basic skimboarding tricks.

    Morgan Just: Hi! I am Morgan Just with Victoria Skimboards. I am teaching how to skimboard today, and right now, we are showing you some basic tricks. The first thing you want to learn about skimboarding is once you get all the basic stuff done, you got on your board, you got your weight centered and everything, you want to try and learn some turns, try to turn on the wave, bring it back to shore. Different techniques you want to learn is, if you want to turn and wrap away this way, you want to put some pressure on your toes and drag your hand, just kind of whip it around.

    If you want to turn and wrap it around this way, facing the wave, we call it front side. You want to turn like this, put some weight on your heels, throw your tail out. When you want to learn to do some tricks like shove-its, you want to practice on some water and some sand, learn to kick your front foot forward and your back foot back to make the board spin like that.

    These are all stuffs you are going to do while riding into the shore-break. Yeah, 360 is stuff like that; you want to reach down, drag your hand and then do a 360, keep your weight centered, 360 shove-its. You can go do the same thing, just kick a little harder, and jump a little higher. Keep your weight centered over your board. Let's go, a little bit harder but you can practice it and see as you do in the water. It's up to you to get better and keep practicing, keep trying new things. Do different things, and just have fun. Thanks for watching.