Basic Stationary Bike Routine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Jonathan Reff demonstrates a basic stationary bike routine.

    Jonathan Reff

    Jonathan Reff is personal training director at Somafit, an upscale fitness studio and spa, as well as owner of Jonathan Reff Personal Training. Through Jonathan Reff Personal Training, Jonathan brings personal training and gym design to your home.

    Jonathan has been personal training in New York and the Washington D.C. area for over ten years. Jonathan holds certificatons from N.A.S.M. (National Academy of Sports Medicine) as well as A.C.E. (American Council on Exercise). In addition, Jonathan holds a second degree black belt in Olympic Taekwondo, a martial art in which he was nationally ranked at one point. Jonathan has worked with elite level to novice in both fitness and Olympic Taekwondo.

    Jonathan believes a healthy lifestlye is achieved through a healthy and happy mind and body.

    Please enjoy this video and feel free to contact Jonathan with any questions.

    Hi, it s me Jonathan again and we are here at SomaFit in Washington D.

    C. learning about how to lose weight through exercise and diet. Today, I am standing here in front of the stationary bicycle which is the next piece of cardiovascular equipment we are going to use. Now, I am standing in front of it, the seat level is very important, before we get started, before you sit on a bicycle, you should always make sure that its probably setup for your height and measurements and it s very to setup. In that, I am going to stand next to it and I want the seat to be level, approximately level with my hips.

    Now, that I have measured myself to ensure that the seat is leveled with my hip which is exact measurement that you need once when setting up the bicycle. You need that seat to be at a hip level. I am going to go ahead and step onto the pedals in the bicycle and straddle my seat. I am going to take my foot into the left pedal in stirrup, swing my leg around the other to the right paddle and stirrup, slide that in and I am then seated on the seat, firmly with weight distributed evenly, which is very, very important. Again, we don t want to be leaning in any one given direction because that could throw our balance off or center of gravity off and we obviously don t want to fall. I am going to take my second hand onto the handles and again, I am going to just maintain a very comfortable grip, my arms are along with my elbows slightly bent and I am certainly, certainly not leaning forward but again, maintaining an upright posture. Now, this like the elliptical trainer which we were just on is powered by my motion or my energy. So, in order for me to have anything to spread on this console, I am going to need to paddle my feet and get to work. So, that s what I am going to do. Immediately as my feet begin to move, the console displays turn on in a given or ask what program to do and I am going to again suggest that we start with quick start which are physically pressed and quick start is more of a manual program. So, again for those of who are just getting started and familiar with a bicycle for the first time, it s going to allow us to be in total control which is what we want. My arms are again long, elbows slightly bent, so here on the console we have number one, the time, display, time you lapsed, the distance, my rpms, repetitions per minute which are very important, so I am going to be referring back to those and calories expent thus far. Now, I am going to again take myself again through that five to ten minute warm-up or I am again envisioning myself going up a hill, very slowly, at a very slow and low intensity pace. Again, on this bicycle I am the person that powers or determine how fast I go. I am going to then increase my pace to a more modern intensity ride. We are going to again go to the rpms or the repetitions per minute and pick up that pace. So, on the bicycle, the bicycle will not pick up the pace for me. I am going to have to physically do it myself. So, you can physically see in here, as I spin more revolutions per minute that number goes up. So, this is again on the scale of one to ten, I am entering my four-five range, which again I am always asking myself how this or any exercise is making me feel. For safety concerns that scale of one to ten is paramount. Now, we have these silver handles in the front. I am going to go ahead and slowly move my hands there and shortly my heart rate will be displayed in front which again I have not quite entered my target intensity level. So, my heart rate is low. So, by my heart rate being low, that tells me I need to one, pick up my rpms and in this case, I am going to use again a second tool that this machine has available which is the resistance.

    I am going to increase the resistance. Now, nothing visually will change to this machine, but the resistance, the weight on the pedals, the force with which I am going to have to push the pedals will increase. So, I am going to take my finger and increase the resistance half way up and I am going to maintain my pace as high as I can and again you can see my body and my legs working even harder. I am going to then take my hands out to that wide position again. Now, you need to the bicycle or stationary bicycle, these handles allow us for really three hand positions. We have the one where we are measuring our heart rate, which is more relaxed position, my elbows are tucked in, shoulders are back, I am sitting upright. This should really be done during my warm-up phase. As I again get into my more moderate phase, I am going to take my hands wider. This requires more of my abdominals to stay contracted so they can keep me upright and then now that I have entered into my more advanced, faster cycling phase, I am going to take my hands all the way forward. Now, here I will lean forward just slightly, but again you will see my spine is neutral, neutral being a unifying vision, a plumb line dropped straight through my head, my spine is as straight as that line. My elbows are slightly bent, I am pushing and working hard and it s feeling really good. So, here shortly I am going to start to heat things up and warm things up, I ll start perspiring, my legs are working hard, quadriceps work especially hard here on the bicycle. Quadriceps being in front of my legs, we want to get those legs toned and firm, this will do it. Now, the time spent on the machine is going to vary between users. Certainly, a more beginner, newer person to a machine is not going to jump right on and knockout 45 minutes, I don t expect you to. Again, we want to start off with a very casual five or ten minute cycle, you want to ask yourself how these five or ten minutes are making you feel. They are not that hard, you can move on to more time. I am going to then take myself through my cool down, so I am going to lower the resistance down to two, take my hands down to the starting position which will allow me to read my heart rate which will be very important. So, I want my heart rate to go down lower and that will let me know that my body has properly cooled down.

    You will notice my posture is tall and low, shoulders back. As I read my heart rate, I can see it even as I am speaking, starting to fall, which is what I want on my cool down. So, I am going to even stop talking for a minute and we will see my heart rate go down even lower. Again, I am thinking about that nice, moderate hill, not a steep incline. So, I do my five or ten minute warm-up, do the bulk of my cardio, I would ever pace I feel is challenging according to that scale of one to ten, I am going to take myself through a five or ten minute cool down and I have just about ended my cool down phase here. This machine is much easier to get off, I am going to physically stop the revolutions on my legs, slowly take just like I got on, I am going to slowly take my the reverse of how I got on. I will take my right leg off of the pedals, swinging around the seat, come down onto the floor, I am still holding both handles as I slide my left foot off of the paddle and down onto the floor and now I finish my workout on my bicycle. We are going to next be moving to my all time favorite, the jump-rope; I will see you guys there.