Basic Video Production Shooting Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    David Rotan, Video Production Manager with Monkeysee, demonstrates some basic video production tips that will help you with your home videos, including concepts such as coverage and pre-roll.

    David Rotan: Hi! I am David Rotan, Video Production Manager with Monkeysee.

    com and I am showing you some basic video production tips that will help you with your home videos. Right now we are going to talk about some shooting tips involving everything from the clothing that you might wear when you shoot your video, to some basic video production concepts, such as coverage and pre-roll, which are very important to keep in mind when you are producing your videos. Tiny little patterns like pinstripes or dots or small patterns just do not show up well on video at all, it causes a strange effect called Mohring, which causes the shirt look like it's moving. It's just very strange and very distracting to the viewer, as you can see in this example. Try to avoid shirts like that, just plain basic colors or larger patterns at least are recommended just so you don't have this strange effect on your video. The next step we are going to cover would be tripods, tripods are very important, you know, yes, you can go hand-held, but there is a major difference in just the professional look of your video when it's hand-held and slightly shaky and moving around a little bit with every balance and movement as opposed to a very good study locked down shot. To make sure you get great close-ups of the action in your video, if you do have access to editing program software, and you are going to be able to edit this video more thoroughly, then just simply shoot twice. In other words you would shoot the entire video in a wide shot as demonstrated here, and then after you did that you would go back and shoot the exact same sequence all over again, only with the camera now zoomed in closer and tighter to the action, and you can take that in and edit it together later to go from the wide shot to the close-up, to really show in detail what's going on.

    Here's a tip that's really going to help you out in the editing process of your video. If you understand it now while you are actually shooting the video and that's the concept of pre roll. All cameras take a little time to get going when you hit the record button, they don't -- no cameras are instant, they don't instantly begin capturing to the tape, it takes just a second to start the tape rolling and to capture it. So you do not want to just start talking as soon as you hit the record button, chances are, if you do that, it's going to cut off the first few words of that sentence. So it's always a good idea to hit the record button, start the camera, and then give it a few seconds, count to 3, count to 5 before you start talking, that's a good way to remember to have plenty of pre roll, so that when you get into the editing room, you have the whole sentence there. So those are some video shooting tips to help you when you are producing your video.