Basic Yoga – Hand Stand

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional yoga instructor Mindy Piland demonstrates the hand stand.

    Mindy Piland

    Mindy Piland is the owner operator of Yoga Time Studio in Loudoun County Virgina, located in historic downtown Purcellville. In 2005, Mindy finished a 6 month teacher training and was certified with Yoga Alliance. She was taught in the tradition of internationally recognized Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa. After completing her training, she started her own business. In the beginning, she taught out of people's homes. Each month more and more people would fill these classes. She then began a teaching out of her home, which led her to leasing a spot at Olympic Gym in Purcellville. Soon she had more than 100 clients and realized she needed to open her own studio. Mindy opened Yoga Time Studio, January 17Th, 2007. Much to her great surprise, her business took off right away. She now has 5 amazing teachers and 1 Pilate's instructor. Moreover, with the success of her studio, she hopes to eventually move to a bigger spot and continue to grow.

    Mindy Piland: Hello! My name is Mindy Piland and I am going to take through a step-by-step process of a perfect headstand. Coming down under your forearms, taking your opposite hands to opposite elbow, measuring the distance between your arms, interlacing your fingers, you want to crown up your head in your hands, so your hairline comes down to the mat on your pinky fingers, okay. Now, elbows stayed glued to the mat, just coming up on to the balls of your feet, lifting your hips over your shoulders, so, that as far over as you can get with your hips the better. Okay, fixating your eyes on one point, lifting your feet up, using your belly, so holding it here so that feel the strength in your core holding your body up. And then slowly lifting up with your legs and holding it here and if you are doing this correctly, you can hold this pose for hours. If you ve got your head placed on the mat, your shoulders are lifted up out of your arms, so as not to put any pressure on your spine and when coming out of it, you can send your hips back, as we come forward or you can just drop down either way, okay.

    Well, another inversion is come down on to your back and moving into Shoulder Stand, so your hands come underneath your sacrum lifting up high and then you can go on to paw pose and release. Okay, thank you.