Basic Yoga – Sun Salutation A

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional yoga instructor Mindy Piland demonstrates the sun salutation.

    Mindy Piland

    Mindy Piland is the owner operator of Yoga Time Studio in Loudoun County Virgina, located in historic downtown Purcellville. In 2005, Mindy finished a 6 month teacher training and was certified with Yoga Alliance. She was taught in the tradition of internationally recognized Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa. After completing her training, she started her own business. In the beginning, she taught out of people's homes. Each month more and more people would fill these classes. She then began a teaching out of her home, which led her to leasing a spot at Olympic Gym in Purcellville. Soon she had more than 100 clients and realized she needed to open her own studio. Mindy opened Yoga Time Studio, January 17Th, 2007. Much to her great surprise, her business took off right away. She now has 5 amazing teachers and 1 Pilate's instructor. Moreover, with the success of her studio, she hopes to eventually move to a bigger spot and continue to grow.

    Mindy Piland: My name is Mindy Piland and I am going to take you through Sun Salutation A. Okay, coming into downward facing dog, paddling up your feet, pressing to the triads of your fingers, to protect your wrists, the four corners of your palms, walking your feet forward to your hands, coming all the way forward, inhale half way, lift, exhale, forward bend.

    Inhale your arms up high, lengthening high for mountain pose and then exhale, your hands down by your side, Samastithi. Inhale, your arms high, lengthening high, palms are alive and spread all ten fingers, bringing your hands together and comporting forward, inhale half way, lift, gaze comes forward. Exhale, the right foot back to the center of the mat and then allowing your left foot to follow, coming into downward facing dog again, paddling up your feet and then looking to your hands and either float or walk your feet forward again.

    Inhale, half way, lift, flat back, Exhale, forward bend, Inhale your arms up to the sky, lengthening high and then exhale down by your side. Okay, thank you.