Basic Yoga – Sun Salutation B

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional yoga instructor Mindy Piland demonstrates the sun salutation.

    Mindy Piland

    Mindy Piland is the owner operator of Yoga Time Studio in Loudoun County Virgina, located in historic downtown Purcellville. In 2005, Mindy finished a 6 month teacher training and was certified with Yoga Alliance. She was taught in the tradition of internationally recognized Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa. After completing her training, she started her own business. In the beginning, she taught out of people's homes. Each month more and more people would fill these classes. She then began a teaching out of her home, which led her to leasing a spot at Olympic Gym in Purcellville. Soon she had more than 100 clients and realized she needed to open her own studio. Mindy opened Yoga Time Studio, January 17Th, 2007. Much to her great surprise, her business took off right away. She now has 5 amazing teachers and 1 Pilate's instructor. Moreover, with the success of her studio, she hopes to eventually move to a bigger spot and continue to grow.

    Mindy Piland: My name is Mindy Piland and I am going to take you to through Sun Salutation B. Okay, so coming into downwards facing Dog, paddling out your feet and again pressing through the four corners of your palms, looking to your hands and you can either float or walk forward. Inhale halfway lift gaze, come forward, exhale forward bend, inhale your arms up high, lengthening high and then exhale your hands by your side Samasthithi. Now preparing for Utkatasana, Thunderbolt pose. Your big toes are touching, your heels are about two and half inches apart behind you. Okay. So, in this pose the most important part as to not hurt your knees, is to keep all your weight in your heels. So, lowering down, as if you sitting into a chair. You can lift up your toes, so that all of your weight is in your heels and then sit low.

    Bringing your hands to your heart center, your back is as straight as possible, your knees are slightly separated, and gazing in your engaging in your quad and as someone took a chair right from, out from underneath here. So, lowering down, all of your weight in your heels and lengthen your arms up high and then bringing your hands down to the center of your heart, for forward bend, inhale halfway lift gaze, come forward. Exhale, the right foot back foot to center of the mat, allowing the left foot to follow, coming into downward facing Dog. Now we are going to move to our Vinayasa, so coming to a high plank, engaging in your belly. You are coming about four inches your finger tips, elbows come into your rib cage, lifting your sits bones and then come rolling over your toes for upward facing dog, and then exhale, downward facing dog, and breathe. Paddling out your feet.

    Now inhale, your right leg up, becomes hip tight, so both of your hips are in line with one another and parallel to the mat. Exhale, your foot forward through to your hands, turning your left foot flatten the back at a 45 degree angle. Your knee is on the top your ankle here, so your hips are squared, your shoulders are squared and then slowly lifting up, turning, this knee comes out to the right little piggy toes, just sending(ph)it out ever so slightly as to not hurt your knees. Keeping that knees tucked on top of the ankle, never over. It could be slightly back behind it and hold. Arms come high from Warrior one, Inhale, Exhale, your hands down to the mat, right foot comes back to knee through left, moving through your vinyasa. Inhale, upwards facing dog, exhale downward facing dog. Okay, now moving to the left side. So, taking the right foot to the center of the mat, left leg is lifted. Exhale as straighten your hands, turning your left foot flat and lifting up Warrior one, Engaging in your left quad, all of your weights on the right is in back of the right foot. You have heel to heel alignment. Your hips are squared, holding it here, making sure that knee does not go over your ankle, a nice deep lunge, inhale fully. Exhale completely. Left foot comes back to meet your right, moving through your vinyasa, inhale upward facing dog, exhale downward facing dog, and breathe, inhale, exhale. Inhale the right leg, exhale through your hands, turning your left foot flat, lifting up for warrior one, and adding on, so bringing your hands to your heart center, you are slightly rotating. Taking your right hand, pressing it on your belly, left hand comes back behind you and now engaging in your belly, your Udyanabanda. Inhale, exhale, your arms high, and then coming out, warrior two, holding it here, okay, both arms are in line with one another, so right palm is up, left palm is up looking at your left hand. Your arms are perfectly in line. Both palms come back down, holding it here and then cartwheel your hands, down to the mat, right foot comes back to meet your left and then moving to your vinyasa. So inhale, upward facing dog, exhale downward facing dog, and breathe. Okay, right foot comes to the center of the mat. Left leg is lifted, exhale, through to your hands, turning your right foot flat and lifting up, Warrior one. Remembering your alignment, keeping that knee on top of your ankle and your right foot, all of your weight on back of your foot, heal to heel alignment and then just open right in to your Warrior two, holding it here for three breaths, and cartwheel your hands down to the mat, moving through your vinyasa flow, inhale upward facing dog, exhale, downward facing dog, and breathe. Okay, we are done with our Sun Salutation B.