Basketball for Kids – How to Dribble on the Move

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Arthur Jackson, of 1 on 1 Basketball, teaches kids how to dribble on the move.

    Arthur Jackson: Hi, I am Arthur Jackson from One On One Basketball. Today, we are talking about the fundamentals of dribbling. We have just talked about stance and the three main components of control dribble. Now, we want to show what that dribble will look like on the move. First of all we are going to start of walking the ball down the court, nothing changes as we dribble and move, with control dribble we still want to focus on our three main components. So, as I am going I am keeping my shoulders forward, my opposite hand is out to protect, my eyes are up and I keep the ball below my waist. So I am dribbling right by my side, ball right by my waist, keep opposite hand up and I see the whole court as I dribble.

    Very important that we do not change, when we start doing this drill on the move. Most people will start standing straight up and down, the ball comes higher, its more exposed and they drop their hands as soon as they start dribbling on the move, we want to make sure its up ready to protect at all times. So, now I am going to have my demonstrator, Lincoln show us how to do the control dribble as we move down the court. He is going to start off by just walking the ball down the court, again nothing is going to change, so he is going to start off keeping the ball nice and low, that s the first component. Go ahead and start dribbling right below your waist, then he keeps his opposite hand up to protect, shoulders forward, eyes up, notice the ball is bouncing right by his back, right foot as he is going, keep that hand up there you go all the way through.

    So now, in most games, people do not walk the ball down the court, it is very rare, really when most people are doing or jogging or moving slowly. It does not matter; I am going to show you how to dribble the ball using the control dribble with a jog as I move back. Remember, components do not change as I start to jog, I still keep my shoulders forward, my hand is out to protect, the ball stays by my side, I do not want to move it forward where to expose to the defense and giving them more opportunity to steal, and again at all times, I must keep my eyes up so I can see the whole court.

    So I start to jog, I keep that ball right by my side, keeping it nice and low, keeping my hand on top, same position that we talked about earlier we want to emphasize that, knees are bent, we do not want to come up and down, so that we expose the ball and bring it higher. So, what we are going do now is have Lincoln demonstrate a little bit of a jog, we do not change anything for the control dribble, we still want the ball below our waist, opposite hand out to protect and eyes are up. So, go ahead and start dribbling, Lincoln. Okay, hand up to protect, keeping it by his side not out in front and he is going to go for little jog, pushing the ball out right by his side, eyes are up as he goes, very good. So, now that we covered dribble and control dribble on the move; we are going to get into Speed Dribble.