Basketball Offense – The Jab Step

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Basketball player Monty Gray demonstrates basketball offense and the jab step.

    Monty Gray: How are you doing? My name is Monty Gray with One on One Basketball and now we will be talking about Jab Step or the Jab Series. Once you receive the basketball you have to really indicate which foot is your pivot foot. Once you receive the ball you can catch it, if this is your pivot foot and you turn your face you cannot lift this foot at all. What you can do is jab with the opposite foot trying to get the defense to commit. If they are able to bite on that step or that movement to the lane, then you can very easily go across defense sealing them and then you are making the move straight to the basket.

    Now that's one way going inside. If you catch the ball to the point where you are turning face and you establish this as your pivot foot, then again you can step or jab very hard to the baseline. If defense commits or reacts to that jab or bites, you can then step across the defense sealing them off and you are able to get in to make either a layup or jump shot. It's very tricky, when kids are using the jab step series, a lot of times if you do it so quickly, the referee will make a call. So just make sure you understand, once you establish your pivot foot, either it's your left foot is your pivot foot, you can turn your face, you can jab in this motion.

    If you establish your pivot foot, which is your right foot then you step in and you can jab with your left. These moves will help you to get open and get into the basket so you can make plenty of shots and help your team. What I would like for you to do and what I would do is work on my jab step or establishing my pivot foot is basically toss the ball to yourself. This is a great way if you are kind of catch and turn your face and make a great move to the basket. So if you want to established your left foot as your pivot foot you simply throw the ball out, you catch it, turn your face, after you get to the point where your knees are bent the ball is in front of you, it's stuffed in nice and tight, you make a jab step to the inside of the lane, then you step across the defense and you go right into a layup or to a jump shot.

    Now that's establishing your left foot. Now let's establish out right foot as our pivot foot. Same thing, toss the ball out to yourself, step in, turn your face, now what you are going to do is you are going to jab to the baseline and you are going to step across the defense and go into either a layup or into a jump shot. The awesome thing about the jab step is that you can do both these drills on the right and left side of the floor. If you master these steps it will be very hard for the defense to contain you.

    Now once we get through all the different basketball moves, now we are going to talk about what we do after we get into the lane. Either we are going to go into a jump shot or we are going to go to an explosive move of two feet or we are going to go into a layup of one.