Basketball Offense – The Sweep

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Basketball player Monty Gray demonstrates basketball offense and the sweep.

    Monty Gray: Hi, How are you doing? My name is Monty Gray with One on One Basketball. Today we are talking about offensive moves on the perimeter in basketball. Once you have mastered getting in open, and once you have mastered actually receiving the basketball, it's now time to make your move to the basket and threaten the defense. The first move I am going to talk about is the Sweet move and the sweet move again is once you receive the ball on the perimeter and what you are basically going to do is you are going to catch it and you are going to make a Sweet move, you are going to bring the ball all the way down to your opposite knee and you are going to step right by your defender and it carries you all the way to the basket. This is a great move, if you are coming from across the court and you are coming all the way across, you defender does not have the opportunity to counteract and to stop that move, if you do it nice and quick and go to the basket. That was the first thing that I would do, if you want to try to make a quick motion to the basket and that is the Sweet move. The next basketball movement we are going to do is actually the Flair.