Basketball Passing – Achieving Power

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Basketball player Arthur Jackson demonstrates basketball passing and achieving power.

    Arthur Jackson: Hi, I am Arthur Jackson from One on One Basketball, and today we are talking about passing the basketball. Right now we are going to talk about chest passes, getting power into the pass, and throwing it in game situations. We have talked about the form and our motion, where we want our hands, the ball placement, now all we have to talk about is really getting power on the ball, because in a basketball game, you don't have much time to get the ball to your teammate when he is open. Defense is quick to react, so you have to get the ball there quickly. What we want to talk about is, in our form we have our fingertips pointing to our target, our thumbs on the ball, now what we want to do is be compact. We want to get nice and low. We want to bend our knees, start with our feet, about shoulder width apart, and as we step to our target, now we are going to keep our eyes up, head up at the target, and we are going to use that step for momentum. I want to make sure that my foot comes and my heel comes off the ground, and I keep my weight on my front foot and the ball of my foot. I want to make sure that I do not lift my leg, because if I lift my leg, the ball is going to go down as my body starts pointing down towards the ground. So again, as I step, I snap the ball through with my elbows, thumbs pointing down, follow through with my fingertips to the target. One thing we also want to talk about, receiving the ball and catching it. It's very important, we are talking about passing, but the catch is just as important. If you are opening a game, you must make sure you show a target, and when you are working, always show your hands to where you want to receive the ball. When we are doing chest passes, we want our hands right near our chest. You want to make sure, kids, when you are working at home, you are not putting the hands up by the face, so if the ball gets through, hit him in the face. We want it right to our chest, and we want to make sure that the flight of the ball is straight across, directly to the chest. As the pass comes, I want to take a small step to go and receive it. Lot of times you will see again with kids, they will be a little bit timid, a little bit afraid of that ball, one thing that can help them is teaching them to go after the pass, to step to receive it. That way also in a game, you are beating the defender to the ball. So again, as I throw my pass, I am taking my small step to the target, I extend through, very important that as the ball comes, I take a small step to receive it, and then I bring it back into my body. Notice the Monty's back foot. The heel comes off the ground, but it stays, the ball of the foot stays on the ground, so he has got good balance with his follow through. Pushing right through to my target, I am staying nice and low. I am on balance, so that I am not leaning either way and I am not falling forward if I throw my pass. The more we step into our pass, with our elbows behind it, the more power we can get on it, the further we can go. Stepping right through with our follow through. Just a reminder that when we are doing our passing, we want to make sure that our head is up, our shoulders are back. We don't want to lean forward to make the flight of the ball go down, so we want to stay nice and low and compact so that we can get a lot of power into our passes, so you can get the ball quickly to your teammate. Very important, when someone is open and ready to shoot, you have to get them the ball, at their target, so they can get it off before the defense recovers. Next, we are going to talk about throwing bounce passes in basketball.