Basketball Passing – Chest Pass

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Basketball player Arthur Jackson demonstrates basketball passing and the chest pass.

    Arthur Jackson: Hi, I am Arthur Jackson from One on One Basketball and today we are talking about passing, specifically chest passing. We are going to talk about right now is the actual motion that you go through with the chest pass. We've talked about hand placement, where we want the ball, finger tips on the sides, our thumbs are behind the ball. We have talked about the ball bringing it back to our chest with our elbows behind it. Now we are actually going to talk about the motion. We want to take a small step to our target and extend out with our hands and then push through with the ball. Now today I have Monty Gray here, our Regional Director from North Carolina, so he is going to be my partner and my target for when I am passing. As I set up I make sure again, my finger tips are pointing to my target, my thumbs are behind the ball. I bring the ball to my chest, I don't want it to go to one side, so that I am relying too much on either hand. I want to use both hands to make a good solid chest pass. As I start my motion I want to take a small step to the target. Again my elbows are behind the ball now I am going to extend out and pushing through with my thumbs to put a little rotation on the ball, so this is what it should look like. I extend out, pushing through with the elbows, our thumbs, so that our thumbs end up down and we follow through to the target. Fingers tips pointing the target, thumbs behind the ball, I bring the ball to my chest, I step and I push through to the target. Notice as Monty brings it back he keeps the ball nice and high, right here at his chest. We try not to dip it down low when the defense get their hands on it and I extend through with my follow through. Now we are going to talk about power in passing in basketball and doing that in game situations.