Basketball Passing – Drills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Basketball player Arthur Jackson demonstrates basketball passing drills.

    Arthur Jackson: Hi, I am Arthur Jackson from One on One Basketball. We have been talking about basketball passing today, and what we want to do now is give you a couple of passing drills. Passing is one of the most important skills in the game of basketball, but its also one of the skills that is under practiced. Part of that problem is that people think they need two people to work on passing. Passing is something that, if you have a ball and you have a wall, you can practice yourself. So we are just going to give you a couple of ways to work on passing without a partner. First of all, I am going to start off with my chest pass. Again, keeping my fingertips pointing at my target. What I want to do is pick a spot on the wall that is about chest high. If you have a piece of tape or a piece of chalk, you can actually mark this spot, and you are going to aim for that spot every single time. Do 20, 25 passes, where you step through to your target.

    Again, you can add some dribbling to the drill, so that you take a couple of dribbles with your right hand and make a pass to the target, maybe do ten on the right hand, and then take some dribbles with your left hand; make sure you are working on both hands, and you are following through to the target off the dribble. It's going to make you more effective in basketball games, where you know how to pass from the dribble.

    Again, these are basketball drills that you should go home and practice everyday. You don't need another partner, all you need is a ball and a nice wall that you can pass up against, it can help you become a better passer. If you are fortunate enough to have someone else to pass to; whether its your brother, father, family member, teammate, neighbor, okay, something that you should work on every time you are out playing, passing again is a skill. It's very important and is often under practiced. So when you do have a partner, what you want to do is get across from each other, make sure that you work on each pass. So you are doing the chest pass, bounce pass, and then the overhead pass. The next thing you want to do is do some passes where you are in motion. So you can alternate with your partner. If you start with your partner, again, I have Monty Gray, our Regional Director from North Carolina here today. He is going to start on the baseline, while I am standing still, he is on the baseline, and as he moves, I stay still, and I am going to throw solid chest passes to him. We are not stepping into our pass now, because we are doing the movement, but it really works on our upper body strength, it really works on our follow through to the target, which is very important in passing. You want to make sure you continuously work on your follow through.

    The last drill to do if you have two people, make sure you are doing basketball passing, where you are both on the move. So that you start across from your partner; again, I will start across from Monty, and what we are going to do is, as we move, we are stepping across and throwing the passes. Again, working on form, keeping the ball nice and high in our chest, extending out, and holding our follow through every time. Making sure that you are working on each of the passes we talked about today. You want to work on the chest pass, the bounce pass, take a couple of steps back and even do the overhead pass. If you work on all these passes, you are going to become a much better passer and a much better basketball player.