Bathroom Cleaning – Toilet Bowl Rings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Christine Merrilees with Merry Maids teaches us how to remove bathroom stains. This video will focus on removing toilet rings.

    Christine: Hi! I am Christine with Merry Maids and today I am teaching you how to remove bathroom stains.

    Toilet bowl rings are often caused because of hard water. Here are some tips to help remove them.

    First, you can try a toilet bowl cleaner specially designed to remove limescale, or if you want a more natural remedy, you can try filling the bowl with white vinegar and letting it sit overnight and then if neither of those remedies solves your problem you can try a pumice stone or very fine grit sand paper. If using either of these be sure to keep the sand paper or pumice stone wet and gently rub it on the ring.

    This is easier to do if you pour some water into the bowl to lower the water level. This process will also help with rust stains in a toilet bowl. I hope these tips for removing a toilet bowl stain will help you tackle a problem most people don't want to face. Up next we will talk about rust stains.