Beading Basics-Brick Stitch

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Terri Gable, owner of Studio Baboo, demonstrates how to bead including how to do a brick stitch.

    Terri Gable: Hi! I am Terri Gable, owner of Studio Baboo, a Big Little Bead Store. Today, we are talking about basic beading. In this clip, we are going to learn how to do brick stitch. When you look at brick stitch, you may think that it looks very much like peyote stitch. And it does. However the stitch is entirely different and you get a much firmer piece of bead work when you are finished. Again, I am using a large bead for our demonstration so that you can clearly see the stitch and how the beads sit together. So I am using a large size 8 hex cut bead today. Now brick stitch. We are ready to do our brick stitch. Here is a little finished sample. You can see that it looks very much like the peyote stitch we showed you, this is with a larger bead, this is with a smaller bead but the stitch is entirely different and when it is finished, it is much, much stiffer than the peyote stitch. Now brick stitch is started actually with a different stitch called ladder stitch. We start with two beads on our needle. Slide this down to the stop bead. We are going to make a little circle. Our thread is coming out of--. This is the needle end of the thread. We are going to take our needle around and we are going to go back through the bottom of our beginning bead. Like so. We pull that tight. We are going to make those beads, look my stop bead up there. Make those beads sit side by side. So, you can see their little openings are side by side. The needle needs to now come down through this bead. So we are ready for the next one. I always take that little stop bead and I am going to snug that up tight. Here you go. And I pick up another bead and going down. Beads coming out of the bottom are coming around to the top. The tail is a handy little device to remind you which is the top and the bottom of your work. Let that lay by the side. Which is the top and the bottom of your work and which is your beginning, which direction you are stitching and up through the bottom again. Continue stitching in the same manner until you reach the end of the row. This time we are coming down through the top and up through the bottom. That's what we call our base row of ladder stitch. Now we are ready for our second row of brick stitch. You are going to pick up the bead and you are going to pass your needle under the thread that is going between the two beads on the base row. So my needle is coming under that thread. That is pulling loose because it is my first row. Just take your time to tighten that. Put your thread through, make sure that is snug, perfect. Let your bead slide down to your work and now we are coming under and back through that bead again and I pull that tight. Here is your thread, we will show along the edge here. We have chosen to use white thread so that you can see the thread path but if you do this with a gray thread, you won't see that at all. Again pick up another bead, needle under the two threads that are going between the beads on the bottom row. Pull that tight and then stitch back up through the bead you just added. Just pull that snug. I am going under the thread, back up through the bead. Now we are ready to continue across in this direction. Now you might be tempted to flip this over and work this way again. But if you are beading a pattern, you need to be able to stitch from one direction and the other. We have finished our second row of brick stitch. If we were to turn and go in the opposite direction and just continue the way we were, the brick stitch will naturally decrease and it will turn into the shape of a pyramid. If you don't want it to decrease, we need to pick up two beads at the start of each row. So it's two beads. You will needle under your thread just like you have been doing. Hold the thread. Make sure that those two new beads sit side by side. And then you are going to needle up through the last bead that you picked up. It is alright if it falls apart like this. You will put gently on the thread. Guide this into the position and pull snug and now you are ready to go. And that is how we do brick stitch. In the next clip, I am going to show you how to do the herringbone stitch.