Beatbox Vocal Scratch

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beatboxer Andrew Gutterson demonstrates how to do the beatbox vocal scratch.

    Andrew Gutterson: Hey, what's up? My name is Andrew Gutterson from Beatboxer Entertainment. Today, I am going to be teaching you how to beatbox.

    The sound that I will be teaching you right now is the beatbox Vocal Scratch. Now what it is -- it sounds like this. That's the vocal scratch. In order to do that noise, what you do is you say the word 'Evra'. Now, what you do is you put in a false set of words and then you squeeze your vocal cords, you squeeze your voice box so that creates a tighter sound. Now what you do in order to get a faster scratch is you take it and you do it faster. I can do it whichever way you want, so you can start with 'Evra' and you can put in different words, different voices. You can do like 'Hello'. You can slow it down too. You can do and that is done by taking your voice and just making it lower which will give it a slowing effect. So again, the 'Evra' scratch or the Vocal Scratch goes like this. Then you can slow it down by making your voice lower while doing it. That's the beatbox Vocal Scratch.