Bed Bug Inspection Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Paul Bello with PJB Pest Management Consulting provides tips and techniques for properly inspecting your hotel room, apartment, and home for bed bugs.

    Paul Bello: Hi! I am Paul Bello, author of the Bed Bug Combat Manual. Today, I am going to show you how to inspect your hotel room, apartment or home for bed bugs. Its important to have a decent flash light to inspect; an LED type flash light is available for under $10 at most bed bugs retailer and provides very good light for inspection purposes.

    When looking for bed bugs, look in typical location where you expect to find them. It's always tougher to detect the bed bugs infestation in the earlier and late stages, when there were just a few bed bugs. However, inspection increase the odds that bed bug activity will be detected before a significant infestation occurs and the more thorough you are the better.

    Inspecting a hotel room is a lot less difficult than a home and apartment, simply because there is no stuff. That is, the hotel room is relatively empty whereas an apartment or a home will contain all the personal property of the residents. However, the inspection fundamentals are essentially the same. Check your hotel room each day, check the mattress on each side, behind the head board and the night stands. Check the couch or upholstered chairs if there are any, if there is no physical evidence of bed bugs, you can be comfortable staying in that room.

    In your home or apartment you have a lot more work to do in order to conduct a thorough inspection. Inspect the mattress, the box spring, the bed frame, the night stands, the sofa, upholstered chairs, utility penetration, moldings, carpet tag strips and other areas of concern.

    It can be a lot of work, but whats most important is that you are being thorough and detect any bed bugs before a full blown infestation occurs.