Beef Stock – Ingredients

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Whole food chef and food educator Monica Corrado discusses what ingredients you will need to make nutrient rich beef stock at home.

    Monica Corrado

    Monica Corrado is a whole food chef and food educator, with a private practice called Simply Being Well in Takoma Park, Maryland. She owned an organic catering company for several years which prepared food from local, organic and sustainable farms, and catered to environmental and “green” groups, embassies, as well as individuals throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Monica was a founding member of one of the first CSAs (community supported agriculture) in her area in 1998. She has knowledge of biodynamic agriculture and Ayurveda, as well as 10 years study in alternative healing modalities. Her desire to “teach people to fish” instead of “giving them a fish” led to the opening of her practice in 2006. Monica uses her knowledge and experience to assist clients in expanding their awareness of the relationship between food and wellness. She believes that food can heal and food can keep one healthy: good, clean food which is prepared well is a cornerstone for well-being. To this end, Monica conducts private and group cooking classes on nourishing, traditional foods, and helps people sort out the confusing messages about what is good for you and what is not. She has taught hundreds of people how to cook nourishing, traditional foods for themselves and their families. Some of her clients are cancer survivors, menopausal women, new moms and dads, and others like you who are interested in using food to heal and / or to “simply be well”. Monica is a member of the Honorary Board of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

    Hi, I am Monica Corrado with Simply Being Well, and we are going over the ingredients now for making a beef stock. Were going to start with the beef bones. I get my beef bones from the local farmer. You can also get your beef bones from the supermarket. I get the meaty bones and the bony bones and you really need a good percentage of bony bones to make a gelatinous stock - a rich stock. I like to tell people to use about 40% meaty bones and 60% bony bones or even more; and thats about ten pounds of bones. Meaty bones as you can tell have a lot of meat around them; they also may be called marrow bones, there is marrow in the middle of the bone. Bony bones are knuckle bones and other bones that do not have a lot of meat around them. The other ingredients that you will need, is vinegar of some sort. This is apple cider vinegar. I have organic apple cider vinegar here. You may also use white vinegar. I would stay away from any kind of strong vinegar like balsamic vinegar because that will affect the taste of the stock, but apple cider vinegar would work, white vinegar would work, and you can pick these up at your local supermarket, your local grocery, your local cooperative etcetera. This ingredient here is gelatin. We may be adding gelatin to your stock at the end if it needs to be a little bit more gelatinous - and well talk more about that. This is just regular gelatin, you can get organic gelatin - you can get just regular gelatin in the store, usually in the baking isle. This is thyme; were going to be using thyme today. This is fresh thyme and you can grow it yourself; you can get it in the farmers market, you can get it in the supermarket, but fresh thyme really works best.

    I dont suggest using dried thyme for this - but what thyme does is, it adds flavor to the stock and it also adds nutrients to the stock -- and thyme, especially fresh thyme has antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial properties, and it just adds to the healing property of the stock that you are making. Over here we have the trinity, what I call the trinity of onions, carrots and celery. These are organic onions, organic carrots, organic celery - you can get them usually in any supermarket by now. Onions; you will need three onions, three carrots and three stocks of celery for every part of stock that you do. So, those are the ingredients we need for a nutrient-rich beef stock, and I am Monica Corrado.