Beer And Cheese Pairings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Andy Sparhawk of explains how to pair cheese with beer as an alternative to wine and cheese pairings.

    Andy Sparhawk: Hi! I am Andy from CraftBeer.

    com. Today we are going to talk about craft beer and artisan cheese. Craft beer and cheese are perfect partners; both have primary flavors that work to compliment each other. The scrubbing bubbles of carbonation and bitterness of hops work in tandem to cut the richness of the cheese and lift fat of the palette.

    Pairing craft beer and cheese is just like pairing any other food beverage. Look for flavors to compliment or contrast each other such as this nutty cheddar with a multi brown or sweet stout and salty blue. Match intensities like the strong stilton and Brawny Barley Wine.

    Evaluate the interaction you proceed what was positive, negative or neutral in the pairing. When shopping for pairing partners I like to start with the cheese. A qualified cheese retailer such as a grocery store or cheese shop can offer you information and suggestions to purchase an assortments of cheeses, don't be afraid to experiment rules are meant to be broken.

    And now for the fun part, when tasting craft beer and cheese I offer one suggestion, don't taste the beer or cheese too cold let each one warm up, this allows the perception of these flavors to come through.

    It's a good idea to taste each component separately then look for the change when paired. Take some note on which you thought of each pairing. At your next gathering try something different from the normal wine and cheese and grab a craft beer.