Beer Pong Equipment and Rules

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beer game expert Austin Lanham discusses beer pong equipment and rules.

    Austin Lanham: I am Austin Lanham, I am teaching how to play beer pong. Right now we are talking about beer pong equipments and rules.

    The first thing you are going to need is a table. You can play beer pong on a lot of different tables from ping pong tables, a piece of the plywood, the closet doors, but if you are going through the official table. This is the official table. It is the official table of the world series of beer pong. When it is folded up it is 2x2 feet. When it is folded out it is 8x2x27 inches high.

    So there is your beer pong table. Next thing you are going to need are cups. The preferred cup is 16 ounce clear plastic. Next thing you are going to need is balls; seamless 44 millimeter balls are standard.

    There are many different rules when you talk about beer pong. You have party rules, house rules, any number of combinations of the different rules. The standard rules and the general concept of the game is that each side of the table has cups of beer and the opposing team is going to be throwing ping pong balls at your cups. The object is to hit your opponent's cups before they hit your cups. The team that hits all of the other team's cup first is the winner.

    So that cover rules and equipments; now we are going to go into the beer pong basics.