Beer Pong Rebuttals and Overtime

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beer game expert Austin Lanham demonstrates beer pong rebuttals and overtime.

    Austin Lanham: My name is Austin Lanham and I am teaching how to play Beer Pong. Right now we are talking about Rebuttals and Overtime. So we have hit Jamie and Theo's last cups, so now they will have a chance for Rebuttal shots. So each get to shoot at our last cup, if they make it we will go into beer pong Overtime, if they miss the game will be over and Jim and I will win.

    Theo has missed so now Jamie has to hit to bring his game into Overtime. Jamie has hit the last cup, so this game is going to Overtime. To start Overtime we start with three cup formation two in the back one in the front. Both teams will start with the same rack but since Jim and I hit the last cup first we will each start with one ball. We have hit Jamie and Theo's last cup and they are going to have two shot to send this into another Overtime. Theo has missed so now Jamie is got to hit this Rebuttal shot to bring it into another Overtime. Now Jamie has missed his rebuttal shot. So now we have won the game of beer pong.