Beer Pong Shooting Styles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beer game expert Austin Lanham demonstrates beer pong shooting styles.

    Austin Lanham: Hi! My name is Austin Lanham and I am teaching how to play beer pong. This is beer pong basics.

    First thing we are going to go over is shooting style. There are many different ways to shoot a ping pong ball. First there is over hand, you can also shoot under hand and then there is also bounce. Most people prefer to shoot over hand in beer pong so we will stick with that one.

    Now when you are playing a lot of people play different rules where leaning is allowed or it is not allowed; if leaning is in the rule that is the best way to shoot. So when you are shooting you want to get as close to the table as you feel comfortable and you want to give yourself as much advantage as possible by stretching out as far as you can.

    So when you shoot there is less distance between you and the cup, now when you are playing, it is tempting when there is that many cup just to take a shot. But really what you should be doing is aiming for one particular cup. People that just throw it up and try and hope to hit to a cup, in the industry we call them chucker. You don't want to be a chucker; you want to aim to your cup. So in this particular formation the best cup for me to go for is the front cup.

    The last thing you need to worry about when you are playing is whether or not you are going to drink your beer. In most series competitions drinking beer is optional. It is only little bit in each cup but it will add up, so drink it through your own pace and be safe.

    Alright next up we are going to start natural game of beer pong.