Bees Spreading Disease

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    New research from the Royal Holloway University in London suggest that managed honeybee populations may be spreading disease to the wild bumblebee populations.

    Diseases that are common in managed honeybee colonies are now widespread in the UK’s wild bumblebees say researchers from the Royal Holloway University of London.  As we’ve talked about often, wild and managed bee populations globally are in major decline, which is bad for pollination.  So we’ve got to figure out why.  These researchers suggest that the spread of disease from managed bees to wild bees might be a major culprit.  They found that wild bumblebees are also falling prey a common killer of honeybees—the deformed wing virus--and they think the honeybees are responsible for spreading the parasite.  Infected bees leave behind a fungal spore or virus particle on a flower, and there you go, the virus spreads.  Researchers say that there needs to be policies created to protect, not just the managed honeybees, but wild bees as well.