Beginner Surfing Secrets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Billabong’s Owen Mulford shares his essential tips for new surfers to succeed with.

    Owen Mulford: Today we're going to be learning how to surf and we're going to overview a few basic points. It's important that we are well-balanced on our board. Notice that I'm not too far forward on the over, and I am not too far back. My feet is still on the back of the board, find our balance using our stomach, hips, and thighs. A good way to show you that is if we raise our arms and legs, we could feel the body weight right in the core part of our body and that will balance ourselves on the board.

    Now that we have good body position, we can begin to talking about paddling. We want to reach out our hands one from the other and dig in the water as deep as we possibly can, and rip the water back behind us. Make sure we keep our hands cupped, that way we get the most power out of our stroke. Once we've caught the wave, we're going to learn to pop-up directly to our feet. Step one in popping-up is that our hands right underneath our chest, almost like a pushup. Push our upper body up and swing our feet underneath our body. My feet are a little bit more than shoulder width apart. My knees are bent, and my hips are sunk well. My toes are pointing almost perpendicular to the board; you don't want to have our feet pointing forward to stuff the balance that way. So if we are not tucked in nice and tight, we're going to fall over and not be able to ride our wave. Once we popped at the feet we're on the board and we're well-balanced, it works over and we can ride away into the beach. Have fun, stay stoked.