Beginning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Defensive and Offensive Strikes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Martial artist Jeremy Lafreniere demonstrates defensive and offensive strikes for beginning Brazilian jiu jitsu.

    Jeremy Lafreniere

    Jeremy Lafreniere is the owner of Capital Jiu-Jitsu, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA company with several schools in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Southern Maryland area. He is a student of the legendary Royce Gracie, and has managed to attract to him a number of amateur and professional coaches and fighters. In addition to running Capital Jiu-Jitsu, Jeremy teaches regular group and private classes at several of the Capital Jiu-Jitsu locations.

    This is Jeremy Lafreniere with Capital Jiu Jitsu, and we are now going to talk about some of the defensive and offensive strikes that a person can use when they are on the ground in their Jiu Jitsu sitting posture. If I move close to Stuart quickly, then what he can do is, he can use a strike, a kick, to back me up, allowing him to then stand up in base. So I move in quickly, yes, he can use that kick to back me up, allowing him to stand up in base. Notice also how his hand is up, protecting his face the whole time, and notice also how he used his hip to push into that kick. He did not keep his hips static on the ground. So, when I am here and I am moving in, he uses his hips and his foot, he uses that kick to push me away, allowing him to stand up in base. Its actually on the recoil of that kick that he then stands up in base. One more time; so here we go, I move in, kick, recoil, stands up in base. Now, as he is on the ground, if I move in very quickly, he can then go to his back. So if I am over here and I close the distance very quickly, he can go to his back. Now when he is on his back, he can use both legs as weapons in order to back me up or actually damage me. He is going to be aiming for the knees and the chin, ideally. So as I move in very quickly, he is in his Jiu Jitsu sitting posture, he then goes right to his back. He uses his feet to punish me, I am either going to back up or I am going to be injured. He then sits up and stands up in base. Ultimately we want to get up, so we can get away. Alright, thats the end of this discussion.