Benefits Of A Multi-Purpose Tool

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Matt Ellsworth from ECHO Inc. explains how to purchase a multi-purpose tool and the benefits of this budget-friendly tool.

    Matt Ellsworth: Hi! I am Matt Ellsworth with ECHO Inc. I am here today to show you how to stock up your tool shed or garage with quality equipment without breaking the bank. A gasoline power tool can help make quick and easy work for any task around the yard, but what type of equipment should you get? There are two choices; Dedicated Units and Attachments or Multi-Purpose Tools. A Dedicated Unit is a tool built for a specific purpose, but they are expensive to buy and wanting to do a variety of tasks, and there are multiple power heads to gas-up and maintain. Attachment style equipment has the advantage of versatility; a tool system built to grow around your specific individual requirements. Its an economical way to stock your tool shed or garage. The cost of individual attachments is far less than buying individual dedicated units. Gas-up and maintain one power head versus multiple units. Attachments are lightweight and easily stored and transported. Some manufacturers like ECHO offer combination kits that include a power source and a couple of attachments in one package, saving even more money. Decide what task you wish to perform with the tool; edging, trimming, blowing, etcetera. Study what power heads are available for the tasks you wish to perform. Note, for ECHO, all attachments do not work with all power heads. Fully read the owners manual before operation and have the right safety gear depending on which attachment you are using; such as, ear protection, eye protection, gloves, long sleeves, helmet systems. Always operate in a clear work area, with dry clean level ground. A wide variety of power heads and attachments are available depending on the manufacturer. ECHO offers 4 power sources and 16 attachments, along with an extension. Attachments include String Trimmers, Edgers, Brushcutters, Blowers, Chainsaw Power Pruner, Tiller/Cultivator, Hedge Trimmers, Rubber Fin Paddles and Nylon Bristle Sweepers. Always follow the proper starting procedures described in the manufacturers operator manual. Most attachments connect to the power source in a similar fashion. Some sort of coupler is used. ECHO uses a tool-less coupler that offers a pin system for a positive lock with the power head and a hand knob to properly tighten the two together so there is no separation while using. Simply pull on the pin and rotate it 90 to place it in its holding position; loosen the knob and slide the attachment into the source shaft. Turn the pin 90 to lock it in place into the hole in the attachment shaft. Pull on the attachment to ensure a solid connection with the pin. Tighten the knob and you are ready to work. So you can see that buying a Multi-Purpose Tool is a quick and economical way to get the work done around your yard.