Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Saving

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wells Fargo financial expert Sherry Littlejohn provides an overview of eco-friendly saving tips.

    Sherry Littlejohn: Hi, I am Sherry Littlejohn with Wells Fargo and Company. Today we are talking about how to save green by being green. Saving money is always a good thing, saving money while helping save the environment, well that has to be even better.

    And a few small changes, both at home and at work can make a big difference, especially if we all pitch in and do it together.

    For instance setting your computers at work and at home, to use your power management features can save money in terms of energy consumption. Here are few other examples of what you can do at home and at work.

    Turn off the electronic equipment when not in use and unplug chargers and adapters. When purchasing equipment for work and home, ask for products with energy star label, use natural light, compact fluorescent bulbs whenever possible. These are just a few of the things you can do to save money and energy.

    Saving money isn't always easy of fun, but sometimes it's necessary. To help reach your financial goals, it's important that you find ways to save money, whether it's by switching to energy saving and money saving products and services, or by sharing your own ideas and experiences with family members at home and your colleagues at work.

    We encourage you to talk to your family members and find ways to save money and energy. At Wells Fargo, we have a program that encourages our team members to come up with innovative ideas for our company to be more eco-friendly. We are challenging our team members to find additional ways to save money while helping save the environment.

    May be you can do this in your business or at home with your family. It might be something you are already doing that your co-workers or family member can start doing as well.

    Be creative and write down as many ideas as you can, and share them with your colleagues or family members. This can make the process of saving energy more enjoyable than you might have imagined, and you'll be saving money at home and at your office.