Benefits Of Electric Tankless Water Heaters

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Connors from Rheem discusses the benefits of an electric tankless water heater.

    Jim Connors: Hi! I am Jim Connors from Rheem Water Heating. Today, I will be discussing the benefits of electric tankless water heaters. Of the water heater family, these are the smallest.

    As you can see we have some electric tankless models that are about the size of a cigar box and weigh just 6 pounds. Because they are electric, no venting is needed. They can be placed under a sink or a cabinet and deliver hot water almost instantly to the sink above or to a nearby shower. Larger whole home models are also available.

    Electric tankless water heaters are especially useful when bathrooms are located far away from the main water heater. With a tiny tankless installed, you won't have that long wait for the hot water to arrive while dumping gallons of fresh water down the drain.

    Be sure to look for models with an adjustable temperature control to help avoid scalding. The most common use of electric tankless water heaters are in bathrooms, kitchens, detached buildings, cabins, and workshops. I hope you will consider an electric tankless water heater when either limited space or water waste are key concerns.