Benefits Of Home Energy Management

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Monique O’Grady with the Alliance to Save Energy provides advice on how to keep energy use low in your home to save money.

    Monique O'Grady: Getting your electricity bill can be daunting. Do you know what you are paying for and how you can cut back? You can now get help from some new home energy management options. Different utility companies are providing customers with green buttons showing personalized energy usage data online. When you see the green button icon you could click to find detailed energy information customized for your home. And manufacturers are thinking about home energy use too, creating new appliances that can connect to smart electric meters or home energy management systems so people can shift electricity use to off peak hours like nights, weekends and mornings. Utility providers are doing the same thing by introducing programs to encourage electricity use at those same off peak times. The programs can include rebates of reduced electricity rates. And inside your home you can manage where energy is being used too. If you are about to be a new home owner or have been considering upgrading your HVAC system, having heating and cooling zones installed in your home, can improve your comfort and lower your utility bills. Zoning systems allow you to separately control the temperatures in specific areas of your home. So for example, if all your bedrooms are upstairs, at night you can turn off air conditioning or heating downstairs. And though having more zones installed in your house cost more money upfront, system zoning can save home owners around 30% on typical utility bills, according to the department of energy. Managing your energy use can be a smart way to save money and energy.

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