Besides checking the ingredients, is there anything else I should ask or warn my waiter about?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Bob Gravani discusses if there is anything else you should ask or warn a waiter about besides ingredients.

    Host: Besides checking the ingredients is there anything else I should ask or warn my waiter about?

    Bob Gravani: In many restaurants waiters and wait staff as well as managers and owners and chefs really want to be aware that a food allergic consumer is dining in the establishment, because they can work with that individual to assure that they can reduce the level of risk for that specific food allergen. They would want to talk with the chef to make sure that there are no secret or unknown ingredients that might contain the offending food because there have been documented cases where food have been consumed and the menu did not indicate that specific food allergen was present in a particular product where it would not be normally expected and consumer ate this product and actually developed Anaphylaxis and died. So clearly it is very very important to be fully aware and assured that this offending foods are not present in a dish that a severely food allergic consumer would order. 1