Best Android Tablets – Archos 10

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Electronics expert Jody MacDonald discusses the new android tablets, including the archos 10.

    Jody MacDonald: I am Jody from TigerDirect.

    com and we are taking a look at some of the hottest new Android devices on the market today. And this is a really-really impressive tablet. It's from Archos and it is a 10 inch tablet with a very high resolution, beautiful display. I would say currently on the market, this is probably one of the most comparable to the iPad that's out there right now. Its extremely fast, it's can be able to support all of your high-def video, your music, you, you may be able to play games on this thing, browse the web, anything that you would think you could do with the Android operating system, including all of the applications that are on the Android App Store. What's very cool about this is it has got a great size. It has true widescreen; you will be able to watch your widescreen movies in the native format on this screen. It has got a front facing webcam. You can use this to actually do videoconferencing while you're on the road, and it is absolutely thin enough to go in any bag without even really realizing that it's there. Now, some of the other great advantages to an Android tablet like this one is that you can actually plug-in external devices without needing all kinds of adapters. This actually has an HDMI port onboard. Now HDMI ports can let you plug-in to your big screen TV and watch all your videos directly on your TV. It also has USB ports as well, including a full size USB port, so any external storage devices on USB or any supported USB accessories will be able to be used with this tablet. They are really, really impressive these things. They have motion sensors in them; they have really come a long, long way over the last year. So if you have been thinking about getting into the tablet world, these are actually surprisingly inexpensive, and once you have one in your life, you're not going to be willing to let it go. So check these out, brand new tablets coming out for Android right now.