Best Android Tablets – Augen GenTouch

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Electronics expert Jody MacDonald discusses the new android tablets, including the augen gentouch.

    Jody MacDonald: Hi! It's Jody with TigerDirect.

    com. We're taking a look at some of the new Android powered tablet devices that are hitting the market right now. And this is a great example of a budget device. This actually comes in at less than $150, even includes a case.

    Now remember when you're spending only $150 for a tablet like this, you're going to encounter some trade-offs. This is a less expensive tablet, because the screen is a little lesser quality, the touch display is a little less responsive, then you would find on a more expensive device. However, you're still getting all the functionality you would expect from an Android device. You have the ability to browse the Web; you have the ability to check your e-mail, playback your videos and media, and run apps from the Android app store. So all of those are absolutely possible with this device, and it allows you to get it at a really, really inexpensive price point.

    Now this has about a seven inch screen, and this is probably where you are going to find the most value in Android devices. Now again, because it's a little less expensive, you're going to find that it is a little thicker. Build quality is going to be a little less, but at the same time really, really inexpensive for a device that allows you to do quite a bit. You can use it for Skype; you can use it for playing games. So this might be a great way to get started with Android tablet devices without having to make a huge investment. These are very-very cool, go-ahead and check them out. You never thought you can get a tablet at this price before, just $150 for a full Android seven inch tablet, right here.