Best Florida Beaches

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    US News Travel shares their picks for the best beaches to visit in Florida to find great rates and amazing views.

    Julie Epstein: For many Americans, Florida is the natural winter retreat and with nearly 1200 miles of coastline, the Sunshine State has plenty of warm beaches. Here are our picks for the best Florida beaches.

    Sanibel Island on the Gulf Coast is a traveler's favorite. This time of year the shops and eateries are crowded, but there is plenty of space on the soft sand, and in addition to having warmer weather than many Floridian destinations, Sanibel Island also offers more reasonably priced accommodations than more popular cities.

    If cost is no object, the Gulf Side Resort Town of Naples oozes with luxury, hosting two Ritz-Carltons, several golf courses, numerous boutique shops and gourmet restaurants and although extra curricular activities cost a pretty penny, soaking up the sun on Naples pristine beaches, is priceless.

    Another Florida spot that's hard to top is Miami Beach. Winter is prime time in this sun soak city, especially if you want to pair a sun bathing with shopping, dancing or celebrity sightings, and despite all of the distractions, the best thing about Miami is still its magnificent beaches.

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