Best Packaged Snack Foods

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine reviews some of the best packaged snack foods available.

    Amy McGorry: At prevention we all about eating clean and we have discovered that clean ingredients can coexist with convenience. We comb grocery store shelves and picked out our favorite cleanest package foods that had no more than 10 grams of added sugar are GMO free and have less than 200 milligrams of sodium per serving. Here are few of our award-winning snack options. First, we have Quinn Popcorns hickory-smoked cheddar flavor, it blew other microwave purports out of the water with its organic kernels, whole food flavoring cachets and package free of chemicals. One serving size is about 3 cups pop for under 200 calories, plus you'll love the new hickory-smoked cheddar flavor.

    Next we went nuts for wonderful pistachios, roasted and salted, not only can eating pistachios lower your cholesterol and reduce your heart disease risk, it can also help to whittle your waist line, wonderful pistachios satisfied our taste buds by being salty, buttery and sweet all at once and with just two ingredients. Plus research suggest that cracking open the nuts and seeing the shells source is a visual cue to how much you have already eaten to help you keep track and control portion sizes. Our editors love the chia company, Chia Pod, rarely do sweet creamy treats boast 5 grams of fiber and plenty of protein. Not to mention it is just 4 ingredients, the chia version of rice pudding, these pods have just 10 grams of sugar all it provided by coconut milk.

    Looking for something sweet? We fell in love with enjoyed life soft bake snickerdoodle cookies, these little melt in your mouth circles pack a big burst of cinnamon without a single bit of butter. Allergen friendly and only 120 calories for two cookies these treats are loved by allergy sufferers in omnivorous are like. And those are just a few of our favorite 2014 cleanest package food award winners in the best snack category.