Best School Apps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    There’s an App for that! There are millions of applications available on our smartphones and tablet computers. As we head back to school, Jim Barry, Digital Answer Man for the Consumer Electronics Association, helps explains what apps are and how they can help you get straight A’s this school year!

    Jim Barry: Hi! I am Jim Barry the Consumer Electronic Association's digital answer man and I am getting asked a lot of questions about electronics for going back to school. The good news is you can go back to school these days pretty much with a Touchscreen Tablet and a smart phone and use a lot of the apps, the applications that are designed for education. Great thing about these educational apps, they really are something for everybody, from preschool, all the way up to college or graduate school, and for the little ones it's really great, because it makes learning fun. So you have got things like the alphabet and other learning apps for little kids. In high school and college you can learn languages; they have stuff for the arts and sciences, whether it's chemistry or physics. Specialized courses, you have apps for that. So in a sense, for all of electronics and for all of education, there is an app for that. You really have a couple of choices, you have got the smart phones and we know what those are. A lot of us are using those now. And then in Touchscreen Tablets you basically have Apple, the iOS or operating system, and then you have all the Android Operating System.

    You go to either one of those, with the smart phone or the tablet, go to the app store and look for those educational apps; you are going to find the ones that's going to help you get those straight As.

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