Best School eReaders

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Long gone are the days of students lugging around and reading heavy text books. Now, it’s all digital thanks to e-Readers. But which one should you get? Jim Barry, Digital Answer Man for the Consumer Electronics Association, helps you decide!

    Jim Barry: Hi! I am Jim Barry the Consumer Electronic Association's digital answer man. And as folks go back to school now, one of the biggest questions I am asked, should I buy an eBook Reader or should I buy a Touchscreen Tablet? I am usually asked, should I buy a Kindle or an iPad, but there are lot more choices in both of those categories now. Couple of name differences, one, eBook readers use something called eInk and ePaper, it looks much more like regular printed page, they are great to read even in bright sunlight out on the beach or on a nice day out on a park bench or if you are at school, outside in the quad.

    So you have the eInk and ePaper. They also start a lot less; they start at about $100. This is Amazon Kindle here and this is the PocketBook Pro from PocketBook, this one is just about a $100, Kindle start at about $125 now. Now if you want to read on an iPad or another Touchscreen Tablet. you can read books in color, they use this back light liquid crystal display. So with these, color books or great magazines, newspapers, all of that is terrific on a Touchscreen Tablet. This is the new Playbook from BlackBerry. So you have the Playbook from BlackBerry, as well as the iPad, and scores of other choices now in Touchscreen Tablet. So the future of reading is electronic whether its eBook Readers or Touchscreen Tablets, you have a lot of choices now for education, if you are going back to school, for your school books, or just for reading for pleasure or for business. So head out to the stores or go online, check out the one that's right for you.

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